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About PicoSure®

PicoSure® Laser Treatment for Pigmentation, Acne Scars and Tattoo Removal. We provide an array of treatments in Singapore revolutionized by the PicoSure Laser, the world’s leading picosecond aesthetic laser. This PicoSure laser widely recognized for its technology leadership and proven performance for Pico laser treatment of Pigmentation, Acne Scars and Colour Tattoo removal.


PicoSure stands out as the world’s most versatile short-pulse laser, addressing a spectrum of concerns such as skin discoloration, acne scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles. While alternative products and lasers may also target these issues, PicoSure uniquely delivers exceptional results swiftly, delicately, and with virtually no downtime.

The suitability of PicoSure depends on the specific condition being addressed and your skin’s healing capacity. For skin discoloration, standard treatment intervals usually range from 2 to 6 weeks. In the case of treating acne scars and wrinkles with the Focus lens array, sessions can be conducted every 3 to 4 weeks. Your designated treatment provider will tailor a plan specifically to meet your unique needs.

PicoSure Focus™ facials boast no downtime. While patients may encounter erythema, which usually subsides within a few hours and may, in some instances, persist for up to 24 hours, there is generally no extended recovery period. Given the individual nature of each patient, it is strongly advised to adhere to the provided clinical guidelines to enhance safety and ensure optimal effectiveness before undergoing treatment.

The outcomes of acne scar treatments are enduring, providing a permanent resolution. Skin revitalization results are notably long-lasting, although occasional recurrence of some skin discoloration may occur. For ongoing maintenance, some patients discover that undergoing a PicoSure Focus treatment every six months proves beneficial in preventing the buildup of skin discoloration and slowing the onset of fine lines and wrinkles.


Clinically proven GOLD STANDARD for MELASMA in Asian patients

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